1978 T2 Devon Camper

Strawberry was purchased by us 4 years ago and was used for just one season before being taken off the road for a replacement engine. A brand new VW Heritage 2 litre Type 4 engine was purchased and fitted along with all the usual consumables, clutch, fuel lines, fuel pump, etc. We then decided to make her into a unique 2 person luxury camper, with full width rock and roll bed, small camping pod and fully lined and soundproofed interior with luxury soft fluted cushions and Porsche 911 front seats.
Somewhere along the line she has continued to remain in a corner of the garage and rather embarrassingly we have not had the time to get her completed to the standard she deserves. This would make a great project bus for someone to either complete themselves with all the hard work done or for a customer wishing for us to complete on their behalf.

On sale at £16,500

As with all classics we encourage viewings and test drives so please come down and visit us.