New flooring

As part of the continual maintenance needed to keep our campers in top condition, we decided to rip out the old flooring in Mango and replace with a funky new striped design. Removing the old floor revealed a couple of minor surface rust areas but actually it was all [...]

Peachy Paint

The last job for this year was a full on body renovation for Peaches. Although not in a bad way she did have a few scrapes and bumps that needed addressing so we took the decision to strip her down over winter and renovate. A new front deformation panel was [...]

Santa in a Camper

Father Christmas. Have you ever pondered on who’s behind the big white beard and what they’re really like? With so many ‘meet Santa in his grotto’ events up and down the country at this time of year, I’ve always wondered. Is Santa actually a grumpy old man, sick to death of [...]


We've just received some great news from the people that run the Wedding Industry Awards and are pleased to announce we have made it through to the Regional Finals for 2014. The awards are based on all the great feedback we've received over the last year from the many happy [...]

Modern v Classic Campervans

I just love everything about classic campervans, the way they chug up steep hilly roads, the laid back driving position and the fact they all seem to have a character of their own. Nothing beats driving along to some sounds with the wind draughting in through the half open window, sun shining away and happy kids in the back. There are however times when we all

Family Planning

This is the type of family planning needed when the previous type was ignored! Handy for working out when to book time off and holidays in your campervan

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