Meet Boris, a 1978 Twin Slider that has come in for a complete interior makeover.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be detailing the transformation but for now here are a few photos starting with a strip down and assesment of what lies beneath the chequered vinyl floor.


What’s underneath that chequered vinyl, lets find out!


With the vinyl removed you can see the edges of the ply flooring have started to rot from damp. Actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

Flooring removed, came off easily enough due to damp.

Underneath the ply there is a surprisingly sound floor with only localised surface rust.


The steel floor was cleaned up and all rust ground out, before applying a few coats of etch primer to ensure bare metal is nicely sealed.


After the etch primer is left to cure for 48 hours we then apply a few coats of Hammerite gloss white which will then need to be left for a few days to harden.

12mm marine ply board is bonded onto the steel floor which will provide a nice solid feel and is obviously moisture resistant.

Finally we can lay down the nice new Maple vinyl floor which was chosen to compliment the Bamboo worktop fitted to the kitchen unit. Notice the vinly has been laid horizontally in the same direction as the worktop….small but important detail! Still need to seal edges with silicone and fit new aluminium finishers to both door entries.

This is the new EVO unit that will be installed, looks fabulous.