A mysterious leak coming from the rear part of the roof of a customers camper revealed an odd circular shaped piece of rust when viewed from the outside of the camper.

Taking a closer look I was able to lift the edge with my finger and out popped a nice round piece of filler hiding lots of rust. My assumption is that at some point there was a roof vent which someone had decided to block off. As the roof will flex slightly each time the pop top raises it would only be a matter of time before the filler cracks and lets in moisture and rain.

Here’s the offending rusty metal plate that had been poorly used as a backing for the filler. Viewed from inside with the headlining removed.


First job was to grind away all the rust from the inside roof of the camper.

Then weld in a new piece of steel to blank off the hole and put the strength back in. Viewed from inside the camper.


Here’s what it now looks like from the outside with the welded metal in place and rust ground away.


Before replacing the headlining, the inside of the roof and repair was treated to Hammerite red oxide paint to seal the area and prevent any rust coming back, then the headlining put back.

Now back to the outside where a thin smear of filler (not the biscuit sized wedge that was there) is applied to smooth the repair.

Primer applied and ready for topcoat.