The time has come to replace the tired original roof on Peaches and after lots of research we ended up choosing a replacement from Space Roofs.

Removing the old roof was a doddle but the fun starts when see what was lurking underneath. So although the new roof is a very straightforward replacement here are a few tips if you’re planning doing the same;

  • Get a space big enough to be able to move easily around the camper without having to trip over yourself
  • Take your time, measure twice, cut once.
  • Ensure you read instructions and call Pete for any clarification – he’s very helpful!
  • Build in enough time to address any metalwork issues you find. We had lightly rusted gutters so took another day grinding, priming and painting.
  • Use sharp drill bits!
  • Keep the interior covered with lots of blankets

Overall I’m really pleased with the new roof, it’s a quality item that fits really well!