Ordered and fitted a couple of excellent awning rails for our T5’s from a great company called Camper Essentials (01948 780463). Dead easy to fit and makes attaching our drive away awnings simple and secure – perfect for all our customers.

Here’s a step by step guide for anyone considering purchasing the rail.

Firstly I offered up the awning to help with deciding on where to position the rail, checking the sliding door could open out fully without hitting the tent material.

We wanted this rail to tuck in under the roof so carefully marked a line after having drilled the first ‘anchor’ screw at the end of the rail.


After checking everything again, including opening and closing the roof we then masked the pilot holes locations and drilled these.


Its important to note that when marking out you need to avoid drilling a hole to close to the factory weld as seen above.


All metal filings were vacuum cleaned away and holes painted to avoid any rust forming in the future. Masking tape was used so that when the rail was screwed into place the bonding agent did not overspill onto the paint.


The rail was then offered into place and screwed down (not too tight!).

photo 2

Here’s the finished rail with awning attached and Kador strip.

photo 5

When not in use it neatly lives under the pop top.