Father Christmas. Have you ever pondered on who’s behind the big white beard and what they’re really like?
With so many ‘meet Santa in his grotto’ events up and down the country at this time of year, I’ve always wondered.

Is Santa actually a grumpy old man, sick to death of the sight of bratty kids? Does he rely on a sneaky swig of whisky from a hipflask to get him through the day, in between seeing long lines of children?

Well, last Saturday I got to find out for myself. We were asked to transport Santa, in one of our campers, to his grotto at Squires Garden Centre in Woking, Surrey.

I arrived at Johns, (aka Santa), house about 20 mins early and am pleased to say this Santa is one of the nicest guys you could meet. If ever there were the perfect notion of a cheery ‘ho-ho-ho Santa’ then this was him.

John  was chatty, funny, genuinely interested in what he did and superb at speaking to the waiting crowds of kids. It was a blast having him in the back of Mango and seeing the crowds of expectant families who had been anxiously waiting in the cold for us.


It’s easy to become cynical as you get older but top marks to Squires for putting on a magical experience for young children and families.
Santa did a fabulous job, the camper looked great and I’m looking forward to the festivities ahead of us.

Merry Christmas all.