We’d like you to get the most out of our campervans and to look back fondly remembering a great experience. To do this it’s important to recognise that taking to the wheel of a 40 year old vehicle is nothing like driving a modern car – there is a knack to driving them. The good news is that anyone can master this and it all starts with your mental approach and a little planning.
Firstly, lets switch off from the modern, hectic world. Forget tight schedules and getting to your destination as quickly as possible. Try to take pleasure during your break at a relaxed pace and remember it’s as much about enjoying the journey as the final destination.

Classic VW’s are not intended to be driven in a hurry. They are best experienced on relaxing leisurely drives, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the glorious English countryside. If you see somewhere nice to stop, just pull up, hop into the back and put the kettle on. Who cares if you’re only a few miles away from where you started? This is all about relishing the moment.

A campervans top speed is 60mph, with an average speed more likely to be around 45mph. You’ll need to consider how far you can realistically travel when you collect your camper from us in the afternoon. Most collections take place on a Friday at 2pm and by the time you’re ready to hit the road it can mid to late afternoon. Experience tells us there’s little point in setting off on a long journey, arriving at your destination tired and late into the night. Just factor in a little traffic, one or two comfort stops, a 45mph average speed and setting up at the other end when planning where you want to pitch up on your first night away. It’s far better to split the journey and stay somewhere “closer to home” for your first and last night, especially as the camper needs to be back with us by 10am on return.

There are some great places to pitch up that are between 30 minutes and 2 hours from us. Check out some of the sites we recommend close to our Surrey base https://retrocampervan.com/travel-planner.

We have many years’ experience of driving VW’s, camping and travelling with kids so please ask us if you have any questions or need advice on where to go for your adventure.