IOW Festival


After waving off so many happy campers, watching them drive off in our campers ready for an adventure, I decided enough was enough and that I should also get some of the fun too.

Running a VW Camper hire business provides lots of fun and smiles but every now and then you get the feeling that you should be getting behind the wheel too. It may sound daft but we don’t actually get near enough time to really enjoy the campers to ourselves as there is always someone that wants to rent. Well this is a great scenario to be in but you have to treat yourselves every now and then don’t you?

So with that in mind the wife and I are packing the kids off to the outlaws and we’ll be taking a whopping 4 days to ourselves enjoying touring around the Isle of Wight. We’ve also booked tickets for the IOW festival to see the Stone Roses!

If you spot 2 middle aged parents doing a Bez somewhere on the island, just walk on by.