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VW Wedding Camper Hire

Vintage VWs for your Wedding
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Modern VW Campervan Hire

We also hire Modern VW Campers
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What are they like to drive?

What are they like to drive?

When you come to collect we will ensure there is a proper handover and will walk you through everything you need to know. The campers are all maintained to the highest standards, but are from a different era to the modern car, so will not have luxuries such as cruise control or high speed engines. Part of their charm is they force you to take things at a more relaxed pace, so you’ll enjoy the 55mph cruising speed and not worry too much about covering vast distances in a day. Much better to kick back and enjoy the ride on A-roads getting to a destination that’s not too far away or breaking up your journey so you and your camper feel refreshed and can enjoy the adventure.
Everyone that has hired our campers has enjoyed the experience and you’ll feel at home within 10mins of driving. Remember our campers are all UK RHD models so there is no having to get used to controls on the wrong side.

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