Modern v Classic Campervans

Modern v Classic Campervans

I just love everything about classic campervans, the way they chug up steep hilly roads, the laid back driving position and the fact they all seem to have a character of their own. Nothing beats driving along to some sounds with the wind draughting in through the half open window, sun shining away and happy kids in the back.
There are however times when we all want to try something a little different otherwise life would be pretty boring, right? We’ve recently had a few customers ask about hiring more modern campers from us that they’d like to take to Europe or Scotland often outside of the main busy summer holiday period.
The thought had already occurred to us as we realise that some of our customers ocasionally just need a camper that’s practical, efficient and reliable enough to cover long distances over a short weekend.
So in an effort to expand our offering we have just launched , providing the latest VW T5 Campers for hire.
Now I’m a die hard classic VW fan and hope to expand our classic camper fleet over the next few months, but should you be tempted to hop off to the Alps in January or are looking at visiting the majestic mountains of Scotland then you might find hiring one of our modern T5’s that bit more practical.

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