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Campervan Love

  • BBC Surrey

Campervan Love

This morning I was asked a question, by Nigel Williams of BBC Radio Surrey, which had me clumsily fumbling for the right answer. After lots of ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ I managed to voice a response but thought I’d try and articulate things a little better on this blog.

 The question asked was;  “What’s so romantic about these old campers?” (bearing in mind today is valentine’s day, in case that’s escaped you!)

 Well of course these thoughts are just my own, however, after speaking to lots of customers that have been out in our campers there is a recurring theme present.
That theme revolves around taking some quality time out to enjoy a great experience with someone special or a group of people whether they are friends or family. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do when you drive a camper, it’s more about the feeling it gives you. As they say, the adventure is in the journey not just the destination. This is so true of VW campervans that I know many people that will have greatly enjoyed the drive to a camp site, festival or beach, only to feel a tinge of deflation in that they are no longer at the wheel of their bus once at the destination!
Of course this feeling is deeply rooted in the history of the vintage campervan as the lovebus or hippy wagon of the 60’s & 70’s. Well we may not be hippies anymore but in our daily high speed lives it’s nice to know that you can kick back and take things in at a slower pace, viewing the world through the windows of a VW campervan. It’s made even more special when you can share that experience with someone, hence the romance angle.

Sometimes switching off from double dip recessions, the internet, your boss and any other of life’s drains, is a good thing. And sharing that moment with other people is what the camper is all about.

So, pull over and enjoy a cuppa when you fancy. Drive wherever your mood takes you. Bask in the retro charm of a vehicle that is happy doing 50 along a country road. Enjoy the smiles and waves from others who wish they were in your shoes.

If this is all alien to you then only one thing will change that – get into a VW Camper and try out the experience!

Campervan love